Chemicals for Oilfield Services

Mud Thinning Agents

They are sodium polyacrylates of low molecular weight, which have been specially designed to endure high temperatures and calcium and chloride contamination.

They are used in freshwater muds to reduce rheological values.

Due to their dispersing action, they are effective in muds with a high concentration of solid materials that can be clays and/or densifying agents.

They can be used in a pH range from 7 to 11.

They tolerate calcium concentration up to 400 ppm and chloride concentration up to 5000 ppm. They are effective in downhole temperatures of up to 160°C.

Film-Forming Corrosion Inhibitors

The corrosion inhibitors that Polykim produces are made up of imidazolinic amidic by-products and polyamides.

They possess strong film-forming properties and most of them are water- and oil-soluble, but there are also some of them which are soluble in hydrocarbons and dispersible in aqueous mediums, depending on the circumstances of application.

Their properties aim to prevent and fight the corrosion produced mainly by carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide, which are present in many deposits and systems.

Scale Inhibitors

These products have been specially designed to treat all kinds of waters, such as secondary recovery water or producing wells, keeping a temperature above 260°C.

It is recommended that they are used in continuous treatments in surface installations and injection installations for secondary recovery.

In producing wells, the “squeeze” method is recommended.

They are acrylic polymers with low molecular weight, water-soluble and highly effective for controlling carbonate depositions and calcium, magnesium, strontium and barium sulphates.

Silicone Based Defoamers

Polykim offers silicone based defoamers that prevent, suppress and control undesirable foam, which can be costly in industrial chemical processes.

Non Silicone Defoamers

These tensioactive agents are compounds with high molecular weight that eliminate foam.

They are very effective in water injection systems for secondary recovery, salt water based fluids and drilling muds.

They are non-ionic products that do not possess problems with corrosion and do not produce undesirable by-products in their degradation.


Our liquid microbicides can efficiently control the microorganisms present in the oil production and drilling operations.

These products are made up of three highly bactericide components whose synergizing effects control the development of sulphate reducing bacteria and other microorganisms associated with oil operations.

They eliminate the diverse operational issues brought about by bacterias, including clogging due to sediment formation, hydrogen sulphide gases, corroded equipment and clogged filters.