Chemicals for Ceramic Manufacturing

As a consequence of the contact between mankind and Nature, we started making ceramics more than 8,000 years ago. Ceramic was the first synthetic material made by man.

Today, after thousands of years of experience and development, the industry manufactures ceramic floors and linings using the latest technology that employs adequate chemical products. These chemical products allow for the crushing of clay frits with maximum energetic performance and the achievement of high-definition multiple decoration on plain or textured plaques. They also enable glazes to be rheologically adjusted for their correct application, among other things.

Polykim manufactures and markets all the additives necessary for the industrial manufacturing of ceramic tiles. We are a company with extensive experience, which enables us to formulate each and every product in a personalized way.

In addition, we are supported by professionals with more than 16 years of expertise in this field.

Adhesives for cardboard boxes sealing

Additives for glazes

Adhesives for crushed frits

Clay deffloculants and dispersants

Fixing agents

Primer for digital decoration on vitrified surfaces

Water and wastewater treatment chemicals

Fluorescent ink

Serigraphic mediums for single firing

Serigraphic mediums for third firing

Serigraphic mediums for glass