Adhesives for Tissue Paper Conversion

Tissue paper conversion requires a series of adhesives to achieve high quality finished products with a good production performance.

This is Polykim’s adhesives’ main characteristic.

We manufacture all the necessary adhesives to convert tissue paper in toilet paper and kitchen paper rolls, achieving a good costs-benefits relationship.

Transfer Adhesives

Polykim has developed adhesives that adapt to every application system, offering the best alternative for each one.

Their high humid tack and open time ensures an excellent transfer with minimum application and avoids sliding during the cutting process.

Their adequate viscosity allows them to flow correctly through the application systems.

These products are easy to remove, which makes it easier for machinery to be cleaned.

Lamination Adhesives

There are different needs of these type of adhesives, according to the machinery or the type of paper that is used.

Polykim has developed lamination adhesives that cater for all the market’s needs and achieve an adequate pasting without diminishing absorption.

Adhesives for Last Sheet of Paper

An effective pasting of the last sheet of tissue paper avoids problems in storages and during the cutting process.

There are different needs, and for every one of them there is an adhesive which satisfies those needs.

Polykim has developed adhesives with excellent humid tack, which avoids the sheet of paper to detach from the roll, and that are quick drying, which avoids the sheet of paper to detach during the cutting process.

We have developed adhesives for every application system.